About This Blog and About Me

This blog does not use the word 'gender' where sex is meant.

About This Blog:

This is a blog for men's issues, written with difficulty by a man in less than ideal circumstances, with a lot of issues. I don't delude myself that I am endowed with a unique insight into human nature and the consequent current social ills so its purpose is merely to swell the chorus of male dissent in an increasingly hostile and androphobic world. By speaking out, if I'm writing what others consider rubbish, I am at least increasing the collective male voice, and hopefully encouraging those men who have so far kept silent to speak out too.

The blog is subject to continuous amendment and posts here may well be altered over time. The present look and structure is merely a beginning. It's important to get something up and running and I can tune and respray it and bolt on accessories as I wish. While it's not a work of art, it is intended as a corpus of work and also a personal process of working things out. It's all a bit confused at present, like me, but I'll sort it out eventually. In all the incoherent rambling there is, hopefully, some consistency.

I don't care whether I'm considered a 'misogynist' or not, the opinions I express here are mine, and mine alone. Comments are welcome but anyhting misandrous or obviously feminist will be deleted unpublished and gynocentrism will only be allowed if I think it provides a spur to debate or possible amusement for readers.

About Me:

I'm a 60 year old married Englishman who has not had an income for very nearly six years and seems to be effectively unemployable. My wife is a lovely woman but very high maintenance, chronically financially irresponsible and the cause of most of the stress in my life.

I've had a lot of chances and made all the wrong decisions, including marrying twice, and no one is to blame for the consequences but myself. However, one of the consequences is that I'm in a very low state, although the NHS doesn't seem to think I merit the care and attention it is currently lavishing on my wife. So, I find it difficult to write and things tend to be a little haphazard, although order emerges eventually. Almost everything on this blog will be the object of ocaasional and irregular change.

A Note on Co-operation:

I'll explore this topic much more fully over time, but one thing that has struck me for some time past is the unwillingness of some men with knowledge to share it with those without. Typically, one sees, often on the web, boastful accounts of just how clever some blogger or another has been in doing something, without any detailed explanation of how others may do the same, while those who obviously don't know what they are doing show no hesitation in telling the world how they do it, often through the various forums set up with the purpose, ironically, of allowing for the exchange of useful information.

I'm reminded of the aphorism 'the wise man speaks because he has something to say, the idiot speaks because he has to say something' but the situation has to be reversed if men are to defeat the spectres of feminism, gynocentrism and the urge to chivalry. Addendum (16/7/16) I have had to take over the care of my 90 year old fathger who suffers from dementia, which will require moving into his internet free flat so blogging will be non-existent for the foreseeable future.

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