Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A Woman Asks 'How Come'

'How come ... the 'ladies' have to sit and listen to the men talk?' They don't have to do that; they can join in and say something the men are willing to listen to or they can fuck off and have their own party elsewhere. How come the 'ladies' expect men to do something and make something and then stand back, roll out the red carpet and offer the 'ladies' the opportunity to participate? How come women seem incapable of doing anything but whine that men don't make it effortlessly easy for them to do anything they didn't know they wanted to do until they saw men doing it, just when they thought they wanted to do it?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Game, Set and Match to Paul Elam

Five pampered and privileged little princess set up a cacophonous cats' chorus of utterly pointless, self-indulgent schoolgirl whining:

The sour faced Australian lesbian really should have learnt by now that men are no longer cowed by condescension, denigration or humiliation because we don't care what a coven of over-painted, overgrown schoolgirls think of us. We're a lot bigger than that. Perhaps that's why she's so angry.

That aside, if men's minds are 'little one lane country roads', women's are no more than the tracks left by mindless scuttling insects on the jungle floor, when they are not simply crumbling sewers clogged with filth. The sad thing is that the poor cow clearly thinks she's sophisticated, piercingly intelligent and castratingly witty, when all can see that she's simply bitter, twisted and chronically immature, not to mention profoundly ugly and deeply unattractive.

Here's Paul Elam's excellent response to this risible whine fest:

Grow up indeed. Who could put it better than that?

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Mike Buchanan on Muirfield

Mike Buchanan, of Justice for Men & Boys, in fine form, with some excellent points. The 'phone in' comments are amusing but there is only so much of that sort of thing I can take so I didn't hear it all. Worth a listen however.

John the Other on Female Anti Feminists

Spot on:

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Kismet, Karma or Just a Man Fed Up to the Teeth with Female Entitlement?

You decide:

Paul Elam Head to Head with Yet Another Melting Ice Queen

Here's an interesting clip, obviously taken from a much longer interview, published more than two and a half years ago (1):

Note that acid-faced woman's behaviour. She starts by adopting the eyes fixed, lips set, very serious, involved, 'thinking deeply' and all too obviously hostile look that media females commonly employ with male guests they intend to get the better of. I take that not as a sign that she is paying close attention to the guest's argument so that she can discuss it rationally, rather that she's in a heightened state of alertness for triggers she can react to, and this one takes the hook at 0:40 when Paul Elam states 'there is a very strong feeling that marriage has become unsafe ground for men'. Watch how she reacts: first there's a look of feigned surprise, her eyebrows raised, lips slightly parted, ready to challenge the assertion, which she does by repeating 'marriage' in a mockingly questioning tone, suggesting that PE's position is absurd and intended to humiliate him before his, and her, audience. The pronounced nod emphasises the challenge and effectively throws it at PE as a counter blow. That is followed up by the question 'why is marriage unsafe for men', asked in a condescending tone - more appropriate as a rhetorical response to a stupid question from an obtuse child than as an interview technique between intelligent adults - and vigorous head shaking intended to deny the validity of her opponent's opinions.

Being a man, Mr Elam has facts and reason to draw upon whereas his interlocutrix (2) has only her emotions; in answer to his reply she can only adopt precisely the same modus operandi and ask, in the same tone and with the same looks and gestures, another question: 'why don't they get a fair deal?' Less than a second's thought should tell one that this is a very stupid question. How on Earth can Mr Elam know why the legal system colludes with misandrous feminists to assault the natural rights of men and boys, to enslave and imprison us and to criminalise our masculinity? Without considerable analysis of the individual actors and actresses in the process, he can only show how that happens and not why. That probably doesn't occur to the woman but would it matter otherwise? All she's interested in doing is to humiliate another presumptuous male into shamed silence.

This wasn't an interview intended to ascertain and examine emerging alternative, divergent and dissenting intellectual positions, it was simply another hostile interrogation intended to break the victim. It's ironic that, despite the 'sophisticated' power woman hairstyle, the reassuring female armour of carefully applied make-up and heavy jewellery, the aggressive and all conquering female weapon of shiny red lipstick and an 'I'm way beyond your reach so don't even think about approaching me' pink sleeveless cocktail dress (for an interview) the interrogatrix showed herself to be precisely what she clearly intended to portray the object of her ire as: an unintelligent and immature child.


(1) The hyperlink given in the introduction at YouTube leads to the same clip at another site, with attendant irritating advertisement, so is pointless.
(2) As usual the feminine form of the noun is not recognised by the browser's spelling and grammar checker and the masculine form is suggested as a replacement.