Friday, 27 May 2016

Game, Set and Match to Paul Elam

Five pampered and privileged little princess set up a cacophonous cats' chorus of utterly pointless, self-indulgent schoolgirl whining:

The sour faced Australian lesbian really should have learnt by now that men are no longer cowed by condescension, denigration or humiliation because we don't care what a coven of over-painted, overgrown schoolgirls think of us. We're a lot bigger than that. Perhaps that's why she's so angry.

That aside, if men's minds are 'little one lane country roads', women's are no more than the tracks left by mindless scuttling insects on the jungle floor, when they are not simply crumbling sewers clogged with filth. The sad thing is that the poor cow clearly thinks she's sophisticated, piercingly intelligent and castratingly witty, when all can see that she's simply bitter, twisted and chronically immature, not to mention profoundly ugly and deeply unattractive.

Here's Paul Elam's excellent response to this risible whine fest:

Grow up indeed. Who could put it better than that?

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